Dear customers and friends,

After 16 months of closure, we’re going to be “popping up”…… our own Pub!


We’re going to be cooking for and serving you, just our family, sharing some of our favourite recipes, memories and moments from the past 10 years at the Richmond Arms.


Our food will be deliciously approachable, one menu, changing weekly, served family style for the entire table.


We wish to encourage an atmosphere of complete calm, an emphasis on sharing stories, setting the outside world aside, revelling in the bond that brings family and friends together. Our emphasis will be local, our wines will be natural, our soul will be yours.


We will commence on Friday 2nd July, then each following Friday and Saturday evening. Tickets are only available in advance in limited numbers


Menus are now out to view on our social media sites or please email for details


Weekly takeaway and Richmond Arms at home available


Our super rooms are available, please email or book through Air B&B.


Big love, 

Will & Emma

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How to book ...

  1. Look out for our weekly menu on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

  2. Tickets are only available in advance and can be booked by text or email.